Giving wings to Dreams with Feathers

It’s a fact that the coaching centers play a pivotal role in sharpening the skill of a player. Kerala, has always been in the forefront, producing badminton players of international renown, but till recently, the state itself has no established academy that help in carving out eminent badminton players. In a bid to catch up with the rest of the world, the best academies should follow a culture of structured practice, education, sport science and competition in order to offer more players, coaches, parents and volunteers the opportunities to reach excellence in badminton and in life. It’s in this context that TOSS Academy gains momentum.

Jump on the Badminton Bandwagon 

Toss Academy aims to fulfil an ambition to build a broader and more inclusive badminton evolution rout for Kerala badminton players. Our Players have been seeking better and valuable coaching ,training. They crave for better competition which is necessary for any committed badminton player to the fullest of their potential. The Toss Academy will provide the resources that will let an aspiring to take their sport to whatever level they wish.

Toss academy is a solution that facilitate larger dreams. Ever since the idea got tossed up, it has gain momentum with an active participation from organisations, badminton association, professionals and business community. The Academy is an entirely serves the part of a not for profit organisation with its roots spread all across Kerala. Toss Academy enjoys the direction and support from its patrons, professional players, Badminton Federations, directors and members.  They are willingly devoting their time for no reward than pleasure of watching our children chasing their dreams and progressing in the sports career.

The academy aims at:

  • Player identification
  • Paving the way to higher level
  • Training and practice to achieve player’s goal/ raising standard
  • Creating a productive primary function to the beginner
  • Working closely with schools/ clubs and associations.
  • Taking part in local/social/community events.
  • Scholarship to the members.
  • Help deserving players get sponsorship


A Space for Talents to Work Harder and Sweat Longer

The academy aims at imparting training/coaching to the players of various levels so that they get direct entry to their respective category, maintaining and improving personal standards, providing a clearer view of the pathway to excellence.

To master the skills in this ever changing world, management and coaching teams must be aware of the reality, with a quest to exploit opportunities, negotiate key transitions and cope with set-backs. We should embrace the current shift in culture and maintain a forward thinking, club-based, performance approach in order to create a lasting legacy and raise future medal hopes.