We Do

Dedication and Hard work, Our Sole Success Mantra:  It is no coincidence that the stars started playing the sport very early. A recent study has revealed that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to become an expert performer in a particular field. This equates to three hours every day for 10 years.

We Rely on the Team and Live for It: Inducing team spirit, identity and a supportive social climate. Activities can help improve social bonding and develop favorable learning climate

Learning Techniques Is the Key to Success: Various coaching techniques and engaging players maintain excitement and keep them challenged. We are exposing new players to good methods and technical models for hitting and moving.

Performance the Language We Speak at TOSS: Introduce a performance culture, growth mindset, and the appropriate social norms and attitudes that will help players reach their potential.

Principles of purposeful practice: Players are made aware of basic practice principles such as goal setting, progression at every stage of learning.

High quality demonstrations: Young players will often copy what they see, so we keep showing them talents worth copy.

Visible next steps and role models: Ultimately our players are connected to the stars of the game and world class badminton.

Positivity in Air: Players free to make mistakes without being judged negatively. Encouraging them to push beyond their current

Over Come Limitations and gain from doing again:  In order to adapt and transform skills we eliminate any feelings of anxiety and negativity in the minds of trainees.

Giving children the ownership over tasks, goals over curriculum, and decisions over Options in everyday life.