Training Categories

According to the level of performance we have segmented training programmes. The aim of the academy is to transform a beginner to a professional player.  A separate personal file will be maintained for each trainee in any category. Beginning from the evaluation of the result of screening test at the time of admission, monthly evaluations, achievements etc. will be documented in the personal file. The periodical improvement will be scientifically analyzed so that the coaches can assess his/her strength and weakness thereby understanding the type of training required to overcome the weakness and maintain the strong abilities.

dsc_0047A.  Beginner Level-1
B.  Beginner Level-2
C.  Developing Performer DP-1
D.  Developing Performer DP-2
E.  Emerging Performer EP-1
F.   Emerging Performer EP-2
G.   Professional Players
H.  Private Lessons

Special Coaching packages is now available to all students of Toss Academy. The coach for this coaching lessons will be of your choosing. The package consist of 10 sessions and each sessions are of 1 1/2 hours. The rate for these session will be charged according to corresponding coaches from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other local BWF Coaches.

Trainees have already attained their benchmark. Hence the type of training required is to maintain and improve their standard of game. Physical fitness, psychological attitude and technical skills need to be strengthened. Trainees in this group can hire any specialized coaches on or off the academy to improve their standard. The academy will manage their competitions and tournaments and help them go up in Ranking. There will be a dedicated team of marketers helping them to sign sponsorship and seek better career prospects.